Sunday, November 05, 2006

What is SED by Canon USA?

Michael George, a director in Canon USA, talk about SED technology.

This video found on Slashgear

Saturday, November 04, 2006

SED or really a Laser TV?

Mitsubishi Electric announced they have developed the world's first laser projection TV compatible with the new xvYCC* international standard for extended color space for video applications, boasting exceptional color reproduction. By employing red, green and blue semiconductor lasers as light sources, the area of reproducible colors is 1.8 times broader than that of conventional LCD TVs, enabling the display of vivid color images that were impossible to reproduce on previous TVs.

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According to the company, the laser preojection TV offers a better picture quality and color range than LCD or plasma televisions. When I want to compare it with the SED product I usually think about weight and size, well, according to the company
it would weigh just half that of an equivalent plasma TV since the screen is made of advanced plastics, not glass.
Although this technology seems to be promising, lets not jump to conclusion before it wll come out and we'll see it with our own eyes. If everything will go according to plan, we might see the first commercial for Laser TV on sale in 2007.

The truth as I see it, when both technologies would come out, there would be only two things to consider, the product quality, and it's price. By this time, Toshiba and Canon's SED technology seem to have the upper hand, though rumor has it, that in the next year Laser TVs might be on sale at the same prices as LCD in the similar sizes, if true, the competition between the two techonologies only just started.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

We will bring the future to your house

SEDTvGuide, a new website which covers the latest news of SED TV technology.

SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) technology, brings us to the future, not only in Science fiction books or movies, but in real life. Flat Screen - SED displays feature is the ability to produce vivid color images that surpass conventional types of display, and there is more to it.

In this blog, you would recieve the latest news, announcements, and coverage which is relevant to the SED Technology, it's competitors, and other Worldwide break-through technologies in which would come-up in the next couple of years, bringing the Futuristic TV into your own house.